Affiliated Clubs

Want to connect with Icelandic horse enthusiasts in your area? Join one of our Affiliated Clubs! Many of them offer trail rides, clinics, shows, and events. 

The purpose of the Affiliated club is to promote the knowledge of the Icelandic Horse and its correct use as a competition and riding horse in accord with the policies of FEIF and the United States Icelandic Horse Congress.  

Club List

The following clubs are affiliated with the USIHC. These clubs are autonomous organizations which can provide a community of Icelandic horse owners in your area or with shared interest. 

Alaska Icelandic Horse Association (AIHA)
Region: Alaska
Contact: Bev Short

Alaska Icelandic Horse Association came together in 2001, when a handful of Icelandic Horse owners gathered together to share riding experience and equine care in Northern climates. Our small club covers the large area of the State of Alaska, so a newsletter was created to keep everyone connected and informed. We have riders of all ages, with horse skills from very beginning to certified trainers. Our main objective is to educate our membership, share experiences with one another in a supportive and fun loving manner, and to educate the public about our special breed. Arctic Arrow Icelandics offers their facility for club clinics and riding camps in summer and sleigh rides and picnics in winter. We also support a very active, Tölt Alaska Youth Group who participate in equine exhibitions, clinics and summer camps.

California Icelandic Horse Association (CIA)
Region: California-Central Coast
Contact: Asta Covert
Phone: (805) 688-1393

The California Icelandic Horse Association (CIA) was founded in 2004. The club is open to any USIHC member in good standing. We focus on hosting educational events for Icelandic horses such as sanctioned shows as well as schooling shows and clinics. The main goal is educate Icelandic horse owners in central coast of California.

Cascade Icelandic Horse Club
Region: Pacific Northwest
Contact: Lisa Roland
Phone: (360) 989-0088

The Cascade Icelandic Horse Club provides a venue in which owners of Icelandic Horses or those interested in the Icelandic Horse can socialize and communicate in order to learn about, promote and enjoy the talents and characteristics of this breed. Members live in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Flugnir Icelandic Horse Club
Region: Wisconsin and Minnesota
Contact: Kydee Sheetz

Flugnir Icelandic Horse Association was founded in 1999; one of the first official Regional Clubs recognized and sanctioned by our national organization, the United States Icelandic Horse Congress.

Connect with other Icelandic Horse owners in the Midwest to support each other and enjoy this wonderful breed of horse to its fullest capacity, while still keeping our mission statement in mind. That is "To preserve the uniqueness and integrity of the Icelandic Horse".

Frida Icelandic Riding Club (FIRC)
Region: Mid-Atlantic Region
Contact: Carrie Laurencot
Phone: 301-972-6686

The Frida Icelandic Riding Club (FIRC) is an engaged and friendly group of Icelandic horse owners from across the Mid-Atlantic States.

The Club caters to the diverse interests and riding backgrounds of our membership. We gather year-round across our entire reach for trail rides in national, state, regional parks, and other beautiful venues with endless tölting trails. Members host riding clinics with the best instructors from both sides of the Atlantic. The Frida Club works to introduce this special horse at events such as the Horse World Expos in Maryland and Pennsylvania, in parades and other drill team demonstrations. We support USIHC sponsored shows and hold schooling shows – and just-for-fun shows throughout the showing season.

Region: Northwest Washington
Contact: Lisa McKeen
Phone: (360) 398-3036

Hestafolk Icelandic Horse Club serves members from all over the state of Washington and some in British Columbia. Most of our meetings are held in Bellingham, WA and we can get a ride going most weekends. We are an active club and enjoy learning, riding, and training our horses together. We have a huge variety of terrain to ride in; forest, groomed paths, parades, salt water, arenas and more. On this year's slate are clinics, parades, trail rides, clicker training, groundwork training, and some driving too! Contact us if you are in the area and want to meet up with some Icelandics and their enthusiastic fans.

Klettafjalla Icelandic Horse Club
Region: Rocky Mountain Region
Contact: Angie Calve
Phone: (303) 646-0448

Klettafjalla Icelandic Horse Club is a happy little club in the Rocky Mountains. Klettafjalla is the Icelandic word for Rocky Mountains. Club members live and play with their Icelandic Horses all along the Rocky Mountains.

Because our club spans the length of the Rocky Mountain region, we are developing Area Contacts for greater interaction within our region. Visit our webpage: to learn more about our club and farms, trainers and area contacts, which can be found under the Classified/Links tab.

Northeast Icelandic Horse Club (NEIHC)
Region: Northeast
Contact: Leslie Chambers
Phone: (860) 334-8259

The NEIHC was formed in 2003. Our goal is to facilitate shows, clinics, trail rides, and breed evaluations. We currently have over 100 members from throughout the northeastern U.S., including every New England state, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.We welcome all Icelandic horse owners, prospective owners, and enthusiasts from the region, but you do not need to reside in the northeast to join our club!

Northwest Icelandic Horse Club (NWIHC)
Region: Central Washington
Contact: Lucy Nold

The Northwest Icelandic Horse Club serves the Eastern slope of the Cascade Mountain range in Washington state. The club promotes the pure-bred Icelandic horse by bringing horses and people together at various events with a focus on education and awareness of the Icelandic horse culture. The club offers riding and educational clinics with an emphasis on horse welfare, exploration of all aspects of the breed, and promotion of the Icelandic Horse throughout the Northwest.

Saint Skutla Icelandic Horse Club
Region: Central and Western New York
Contact: Andrea S. Barber
Phone: (585) 624-4468

The official United States Icelandic Horse Congress regional club of Central and Western New York. Our club is named in memory of "Saint Skutla" (Skutla frá Þverholtum). Skutla was an Icelandic mare that embodied all the great qualities and gifts of the Icelandic horse and we name this club in her memory. The club's objectives are to promote the Icelandic horse breed, to educate its membership about the breed, and to provide an environment of support for all who enjoy the unique talents and characteristics of the Icelandic horse.

New members are always welcome!

Sirius Ohio Kentucky Icelandic Horse Club
Region: Ohio, Kentucky and Surrounding states
Contact: Jeny Feldner Schreiber
Phone: (719)325-6563

Sirius Ohio Kentucky Icelandic Horse Club was started in the fall of 2017. The club members chose the name Sirius, the name of the brightest star in the night sky. Following our inspiration of the brightest star Sirius, we look forward to joining each other on trail rides, hosting clinics, participating in training and competitions. Our friendly club members support one another while promoting and educating others about this unique breed. We welcome all who live in Ohio, Kentucky and the surrounding states to join us.

Region: The Heartland
Contact: Liz Appel
Phone: (515) 556-3307

Toppur Icelandic Horse Club was formed in 2017. We are a friendly group of Icelandic horse lovers with the goal of increasing the breed presence in Iowa and neighboring states. Our members enjoy pleasure and trail riding, competitions, clinics, and socializing! We present our horses at the Iowa Horse Fair, and several of our members ride with the Icelandic horse drill team, "Hooves in Harmony." We welcome all Icelandic horse enthusiasts!


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