Affiliated Club Information

Club Information & Rules

Affiliated Clubs may be either Regional Clubs (generally based on geography) or Activity Clubs (based on special interest).

To form or be recognized as a USIHC Affiliated Club each club must have a minimum of five adults with separate USIHC memberships in good standing. Each club is required to appoint a USIHC representative, who must be a current USIHC member in good standing, that will serve as the liaison between the club and the USIHC.

To form an Affiliated club each club must fill out the application form, including a list of members, and submit by-laws for USIHC approval. All club by-laws must contain the statement:

The purpose of the Affiliated club is to promote the knowledge of the Icelandic Horse and its correct use as a competition and riding horse in accord with the policies of FEIF and the United States Icelandic Horse Congress. If the club's by-laws are revised at any time during the life of the club they must be re-submitted for approval.

By August 31st of each year the club must renew its chapter status with the USIHC. This process is started with a renewal reminder notice sent to each club's representative in early August. If all renewal requirements are met, the renewal can be completed by the USIHC representative simply signing and returning the form.

Autonomy of Affiliated Clubs

Clubs affiliated with the USIHC, whether Regional or Activity, shall be autonomous units except for such requirements as those stated above and also Paragraph 7 in the USIHC Policies and Procedures.

Club Members

Members of Affiliated Clubs may be designated by the individual club as being in one of two categories, either 1. Full member (a member who holds membership in both the Affiliated Club and the USIHC) or 2. Associate member (a member who holds membership in only the Affiliated Club).

Membership in a Regional Club is not a requirement of USIHC membership but all USIHC members are encouraged to join a Regional Club for the many benefits that these associations provide.

Members are also encouraged to join Activity Clubs as these associations provide members opportunities to educate themselves on the activity and provide a forum for discussion with others who share that interest. 

Club Rules and Finances

Each club will determine its own administration and activities which will not be contrary to the USIHC's mission and policies. Each club must recognize and abide by all of the rules, regulations and policies of the USIHC. Each club will be self-supporting and its operating costs will not be underwritten by the USIHC.

Club Representative

The representative designated by a club on record with the USIHC shall sit and participate on the Affiliated Club Committee, and shall be the point of contact for all communications between the USIHC and the club which shall include, but not be limited to, keeping the USIHC informed of all club activities and disseminating information from FEIF and the USIHC to the club.

The representative should be knowledgeable and interested in promoting Icelandic Horses, the club, and all of its members. The representative must agree not to use their position to promote his or her own farm to a greater extent than the other members'