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The 2023 Virtual Fall Show features:


2023 Virtual Fall Show and FEIF Youth Cup Tryout Dates

Register by Friday October 20, 2023 (9:00 pm EST)
Videos must be submitted by Friday October 27, 2023 (9:00 pm EST)
Videos can be made from June 1 through October 27, 2023

2024 FEIF Youth Cup Tryouts

2024 FEIF Youth Cup Tryouts

The 2024 FEIF Youth Cup will be held July 13 - July 21, 2024, in Münsingen, Switzerland. The tryouts will be held in combination with the 2023 Virtual Fall Show. 

The FEIF Youth Cup is a bi-annual event for riders aged 14-17, focusing on teamwork, sportsmanship, improved riding skills, and cross-cultural friendships. The week-long event features intense training with renowned international instructors, culminating in a competition with various youth classes.

All youth interested in trying out for the Youth Cup team must submit videos to the 2023 Fall Virtual Show as part of the application.
Riders must submit one tolt video (T1 or T2) and one gait video (V1 or F1).

These classes are designated as follows: T1-Youth, T2-Youth, V1-Youth, F1-Youth

These videos may be made from June 1, 2023, up until October 27, 2023. Please read all prerequisites and complete the FYC Application here.  Please email for more information or with any questions. 



Thorgeir Gudlaugsson - FEIF International Judge - Head Judge
Asa William- FEIF International Judge
Malin Elmgren- FEIF International Judge
Alex Montan-Gray - USIHC Sport Judge B
Alex Pregitzer- USIHC Sport Judge B

Important for Virtual Shows:

All classes (except the 3 Fun classes) must be ridden on at least a  200 m track (or its' equivalent).
Classes must be ridden as they are described.  Follow gait order when stated.
Videos should be started as the rider enters the track and end following the equipment and rider ID check. All classes should begin their programs in the middle of a short side (with a nod of the riders head). 

Please see documents on class descriptions and registration checklist.


Rider's Meeting:
All NEW riders must check-in with Leslie Chambers, any time prior to registration.
Please email: or call/text 860-334-8259 for your meeting.
Questions?  Please contact Leslie Chambers at



Show Documents and Rules:

Virtual Show Checklist
Class List and Descriptions
Eligibility for Division Championships
Available Oval Tracks
FEIF Sport Rules
FEIF Equipment Manual
Sport Judges Guidelines 
Frequently Asked Questions



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