The United States Icelandic Horse Congress

The United States Icelandic Horse Congress maintains the Registry of Icelandic Horses in the U.S, sponsors U.S. participation in international competitions, and regulates breeding and competition activities within the U.S. in accordance with FEIF rules. It furthers knowledge of the Icelandic Horse within the U.S., promotes its correct use as a competition and pleasure riding horse, and provides a network in which to share information on events and services among Icelandic Horse owners. Prospective owners should first read our buyer's checklist.

The Icelandic Horse Quarterly

The Icelandic Horse Quarterly is published in March, June, September, and December by the US Icelandic Horse Congress as a benefit of membership.

Issue Three 2023 of The Icelandic Horse Quarterly concludes our series on the Holar training pyramid, discusses
equine behavior with certified behavior consultant Jess Haynsworth, reports on the USIHC Education webinar on
gaits, and reviews the book Modern Horse Training, as well as sharing news from the USIHC Affiliated Clubs,
the Board of Directors, and our parent organization, FEIF.

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All issues since 2008 are available online. See the Topic Index to find the stories you are interested in.

Upcoming Events

Sep 02, 2023 - Sep 03, 2023
The Tamangur Icelandic Fall Show is September 2-3, 2023 at Tamangur Icelandics in Larkspur, CO. This is a National Ranking Show and will be judged by Hulda Geirsdottir.  Please contact…
Sep 03, 2023 - Sep 04, 2023
AIHA National Ranking Show held at Arctic Arrow Farm in Wasilla, AK. Contact Janet Mulder for more info at
Sep 09, 2023 - Sep 10, 2023
Sirius Ohio Kentucky Icelandic Horse Club Schooling Fun Show will be held at Lettleiki Icelandics in Shelbyville, KY on September 9-10, 2023.  Please contact Shelby Greyhavens at…

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