USIHC Virtual Summer Show FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can the same rider ride more than one horse in the same class to get their two qualifying scores for national ranking?

A: Yes
Info on riding more than one horse in different classes: The National Ranking Show option will be conducted in accordance with FIPO ( and USIHC ( Competition Rules. Entrant eligibility and class descriptions can be found at these websites. All riders will be automatically entered into the USIHC National Ranking Program. Riders may choose to start in more than one tolt or gait test using the same horse. Only the scores in the most advanced (lowest number) test in each group will be included in the National Ranking. Riders must wear approved helmets.

Q: Can the same horse be used by multiple riders in the same class?
A: This will be allowed for the schooling show (SS) option. The sanctioned show (NR) option, this would not be allowed. The NR option should be consistent with a single live show.

Q: When submitting a video for the group classes, may the rider return to walk
between gaits?
A: Yes, this also permitted in the Green Horse classes. It is permitted in all classes, except Open Individual.

Please note that all videos will only show one rider. Classes may be technically defined as "group" but for virtual show purposes, all videos are individual.