USIHC Trainer Seminar

Responsibilities and Sanctioning

1.1 Hosting a FEIF trainer seminar
FEIF trainer seminars in the US and riding badge programs may be offered either by a private person or the USIHC itself (eligible hosts and locations see below).

Anyone interested in hosting a FEIF trainer seminar or a riding badge program must report their intention in a timely manner to the USIHC in writing to education committee. At least 4 months before the start of the seminar. The information must include crucial information such as date, location, clinician, examiner, etc.

This time line will allow for enough time to make any changes that may be needed and allows time to advertise the events accordingly, thus making them accessable to more members (deadline Quarterly for advertising 2-3 months before each publication).

1.2 Sanctioning
Any seminar including some form of badge or certification through the USIHC must be officially sanctioned by the USIHC (just like shows) as the USIHC is also the certifying association and participants passing receive an official badge or certificate for their achievements from the USIHC.

1.3 Financial risk
The financial risk is with the organizer and the organizer determines the price for participants.

1.4 Administrative support
The USIHC will offer administrative support to any host/organizer of a FEIF trainer seminar as well as a riding badge program as it is in the interest of the USIHC to further education and to develop educational programs in the US.

1.5 Advertising
The support will include free advertising of the event on the USIHC web site as well as advertising in the Quarterly magazine.


2.1 Prerequisites for participants
FEIF trainer level 1:

FEIF trainer level 2:

2.2 Prerequisite course or entry exam for FEIF level 1

Experiences over the past two years have shown that participants in the FEIF trainer course were overwhelmed, did not realize what to expect and felt that some form of previous evaluation would have been helpful for them. A pre-course would remedy this by allowing participants a chance to see how a course like this is run, to learn what level the expectations are and to discover one's weaknesses and strengths.

The education committee discussed several options and introduced a pre-course as a form of introduction before the trainer course. That course is not designed to teach all information needed for the trainer course (not possible) but to offer some teaching and insights of the status quo as well as being a learning opportunity for advanced riders in itself.


Entry exam:

Because there may be candidates for the trainer seminars who do not feel the need for such a preparation or opportunity to learn where they are at with their knowledge, we offer an entry exam. Passing the entry exam provides access to the trainer seminar. The easiest way to do this is the first day of the trainer course or the day before the trainer course depending on the number of participants and schedule.

Higher levels of trainer courses can be re-visited as we start offering them.

2.3 Prerequisite for location

2.4 Prerequisite for host

Clinicians and examiners

3.1 Eligible clinicians

Eligible to teach the FEIF trainer course is anyone who possesses any one of the following prerequisites:

We further recommend that any clinician be pre-approved with the course "sanctioning". We also suggest that we encourage organizers to include further non-icelandic horse specific teachers (insurance, vet, farrier, dressage instructor, jumping instructor....) for parts of the course for specific topics and they, too, must be pre-approved.

3.2 Eligible examiners

Anyone qualifying as a clinician is eligible to conduct exams for the FEIF trainer course. Any FEIF trainer course in the US must be examined by two (2) examiners. To make the courses affordable in the US, one examiner can be the person teaching the course. The second examiner must be independent (not having taught in the course).

The terms and conditions for retesting (if participant fails one topic) shall be the same with the exception of the location where the existence of facilities can be adapted to the needs of the exam (e.g. no round pen needed if the participant will be retested in gait riding).

We further recommend that any examiner be pre-approved with the course "sanctioning".


The following materials must be provided:

USIHC Presence

The committee considered having a board member present but after some discussions we concluded that it is neither realistic nor necessary.

Length of Seminar

18-20 days depending on exact content, number of participants/group size and other circumstances

Content of course and exam

Pre-determined by the FEIF education matrix content however it makes sense to create our own outline based on that matrix, adding some topics that are specific (poisonous plants in the US, insurance and liability in the US etc.).



Trainers holding a certificate are required to submit proof of continuing education in order to stay current.

FEIF trainer course level 1 and 2


These guidelines were adopted starting Jan 1, 2010 with prerequisites being effective since Jun 1, 2010.