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Emily Potts (

Method of Discussion

e-mail list, teleconferencing when needed.


Leslie Chambers
Leah Greenberger
Nancy marie Brown
Dawn Shaw
Anne Owen
Emily Potts

Logo & Branding

If you would like to include the USIHC logo in the advertisement of any sanctioned event or with other Board approval, we have several formats available for download. Simply click on the format you need to download the file.


Financial Support

The USIHC Board makes funds available to help Affiliated Clubs promote the Icelandic Horse, the Congress, and themselves. The complete details and requirements are listed in the Board Policies & Procedures (Paragraph 21).

The USIHC Board has also established funding that can be used for reimbursement towards the expense of the display space used to promote the Icelandic Horse at equine themed trade shows and events. There are restrictions that apply.

Guidelines for Requesting Affiliated Clubs Promotional Breed Demo & Display Stall Matching Funds

USIHC may provide matching funds for breed demonstrations or display stalls at trade shows and events across the country for the purpose of promoting the breed and organization. Requirements to request funding for a display space or breed demo are as follows:

  1. The total amount of funding for 2018 is $750 with a maximum limit of $150 per event to be dispersed on a “first come, first served” basis.
  2. For every dollar spent from the affiliated club, USIHC will match 50% up to $150.00. (to receive the full $150, the club must spend at least $300)
  3. The funds are for the purpose of a breed demonstration or for a display stall at the event.
  4. Only USIHC Affiliated Clubs may request funding for this policy. Individuals who are requesting funding on behalf of their affiliated club need to also be current USIHC members in good standing at the time of the request through the end of the event.
  5. Breed demo or display stall must be for promotional club purposes only, not an advertisement/sales opportunity
  6. Each club can only receive up to $150 per year.
  7. Requests for funding must be submitted to the USIHC promotion committee chair no less than thirty (30) days in advance of the event. Copies of the agreement with the venue and receipts showing the exact amount paid to the expo organizers must be provided prior to reimbursement.
  8. After all of the above information has been received by the USIHC Promotion Committee Chair, it shall be reviewed for approval/denial of funding. If approved, the USIHC Treasurer will be notified to make the reimbursement, and if denied, a written explanation will be sent.

USIHC Promotional Brochures

USIHC has created and printed promotional brochures about the breed and organization that are available to all members and Affiliated Clubs, free of charge, to use for distribution at promotional events. The information on how to request the brochures is available on the Polices & Procedures page.



USIHC has also received a gift of several FEIF flags. They are available for the affiliated clubs to use for events and demonstrations. The size of the flag is 5 feet by 8 feet and, while it is made for display on a flag pole, it also works well mounted on a wall as a banner.

FEIF Brochure

FEIF has designed a brochure that describes FEIF's role in the Icelandic horse world. The brochure can be downloaded and printed by anyone from FEIF's website ( or at this link: Brochure PDF.

Promotion Committee

The promotion committee consists of an enthusiastic group looking forward to working on many ideas for the future promotion of Icelandic Horses. We are open to any ideas that individuals may have to help promote this great breed of horse. If you can spare a little time and feel you have some experience to add to our group, we would greatly appreciate your help.

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