Leisure Riding Committee

The USIHC Leisure Riding Committee discusses riding as it pertains to the USIHC and its members who do not have a focussed interest in Sport or Breeding.


Janet Mulder (leisure@icelandics.org)

Method of Discussion

e-mail list, teleconferencing when needed.


Lauren Murphy
Anne Owen
Kim Taylor
Janet Mulder
Lori Cretney

What are you doing with your Icelandic horse? The Leisure Riding Committee wants to hear from you!

The Icelandic horse is athletic and versatile, making it an ideal partner for many disciplines. In addition to the traditional sport and breeding competitions, owners of Icelandic horses around the country pursue a variety of activities such as trail riding, horse camping, hunter pace events, judged trail rides, distance and endurance riding, driving, dressage, 3 day eventing, orienteering, equine soccer--the list is endless.

Since this wide range of activities requires a focus on the overall fitness and welfare of the horse, this Committee is also the ideal location for the pursuit of information important to all of us--health issues, shoeing, tack, equipment--especially suited to Icelandic horses. What interests you and how can your USIHC support you?

Every year, Icelandic horse riders around the world enjoy a virtual ride to a specific destination, either Landsmot in Iceland or the location of the World Championships in Europe. How far are you from those places? Better start riding and join others around the world who are all logging miles to the next destination! See more at https://www.feif.org/LeisureRiding/VirtualRide.aspx and also on Facebook. In years past, several teams have participated from the USA, with one team logging 7,000KM to get to Landsmot.

Please join our community, whatever your interests are regarding this unique breed – the Icelandic horse.