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Sign Up for the 2021 Sea 2 Shining Sea Ride

2021 Sea 2 Shining Sea Ride

Registration is open for the 2021 Sea 2 Shining Sea Ride!

Sea 2 Shining Sea is a yearlong virtual ride on Icelandic Horses.  This 5,000 mile ‘ride’ uses 20 checkpoints in 4 regions of the US starting January 1, 2021 ending December 31, 2021.  Each checkpoint will count for 250 miles or 62.5 hours of riding.

Riders can participate as individuals or teams.  All participants must be US Icelandic Horse Congress members throughout the ride to log their hours.  Participants log their time riding which we will convert to distance at 4 miles-per-hour.  This is easier for everyone to record.  If you are riding as part of a team you should log your individual time.  We will take care of crediting your rides to the correct group.  Teams can only have a maximum of six riders.

The horses used in the ride must be registered Icelandic Horses.  They do not have to be registered in the United States…any FEIF member country’s registry or WorldFengur is acceptable.

The Sea 2 Shining Sea ride is for leisure riders.  You participate by riding or driving your Icelandic horse however you like – if you are not being paid for the time.  The route is designed stage stop style.  The checkpoints do not make one continuous trail but are actual places that you can go and ride your horse in the USA during the year 2021.  Local clubs may host rides at some of the locations, these will be announced on the S2SS FB page and you are welcome to join!


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