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A Message from the USIHC Board of Directors

During this difficult time, the USIHC board of directors wishes to affirm to the membership our commitment to not tolerating any form of discrimination based on sex, gender, race, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation within the Icelandic horse community. In an effort to foster a welcoming community and contribute to long-term improvement and growth, all USIHC board of directors are taking the following actions:

  1. Adding a non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy to the USIHC BOD Code of Conduct.
  2. Yearly participation in Diversity and Implicit Bias training.
  3. Reviewing breeding, sport, and other USIHC documents and adding non-discrimination policies where necessary

The USIHC Mission is to promote the knowledge of the Icelandic horse within the United States and its correct use as a competition and riding horse. This can only be achieved by holding ourselves accountable, working towards progress, and growing the community through inclusion and diversity.