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2023 USIHC Spring Challenge

USIHC is pleased to announce its 2023 Spring Challenge! We will present an award for the best two combined (i.e., tolt and gait tests) in-person competition performances before July 1, 2023. No registration is necessary - we'll take the best performance at each in-person show and announce winners in July. The only requirement is that you attend two in-person competitions this spring and enter both tolt and gait classes. The categories for the award are as follows: 

Open 4-Gait
V1/V2 and T1/T2/T3/T4

Open 5-Gait
F1/F2 and T1/T2/T3/T4

Intermediate 4-Gait
V3 and T5/T6

Intermediate 5-Gait
F3 and T5/T6

Novice 4-Gait
V5 and T7

Youth 4-Gait
V6 and T8

Green Horse

Novice Horse