Klettafjalla May Tölt Clinic

Tölt is the gait of the Icelandic Horse that is cherished all around the world. This clinic will be a deep dive into all things tolt from both a theoretical and practical stand point. We will talk about the definition of tolt, its origin and genetics as well as how it can be prepared, strengthened and improved.  In private and group lessons we will apply these theoretical principles and learn practical knowledge to prepare for tolt, strengthen and supple the tolt, or even preparing the horse for competition depending on where each pair is in their tolt journey.  Clinic taught by Caeli Cavanagh who has received high marks in tolt competitions on the national stage and received numerous championship prizes for four gait and tolt combined and five gait and loose rein tolt combined.

$200 required non-refundable deposit unless host cancels clinic. Participation form and deposit must be received to reserve spot.

Gyetorp II
810 Valley View Dr
Cheyenne, WY 82009 
Phone: 307-757-7915

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