Gosi frá Lambastöðum


Gosi frá Lambastöðum IS2001138455 stands at stud at Harmony Icelandics. Gosi is a highly evaluated four-gaited Icelandic, who also carries the gene for pace. Gosi is noted for his superior conformation, earning a score of 8.39. He has an extraordinary mane and tail, calm temperament, smooth tölt and lovely canter, but most impressive is his extremely calm temperament. Gosi has competed in high level shows in both the United States and Iceland, including the 2012 Landsmót. He was awarded first place in T1 (Advanced Tölt) at the 2017 World Ranking Show in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Gosi is available for live cover and AI to registered Icelandic mares.  



Conformation 8.39
Head 8
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.5
Back and Croup 9
Proportions 8.5
Leg Quality 8
Joints 7.5
Hooves 8.5
Mane and Tail 9.5
Ridden Abilities 7.56
Tolt 8
Trot 8
Pace 5
Gallop 8.5
Spirit 8
General Impression
Walk 7
Slow Tolt 5
Canter 7.5
Total: 7.89


S: Hlynur frá Lambastöðum - IS1995138455

SS: Gassi frá Vorsabæ II - IS1982187036

SD: Gassi frá Vorsabæ II - IS1982187036

D: Tinna frá Árbakka - IS1990286750

DS: Hörður frá Kolkuósi - IS1982157017

DD: Una frá Kolkuósi - IS1972258556

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