USIHC Virtual Spring Show Registration

The 2022 USIHC Virtual Spring Show features:

  • National Ranking classes

  • Fun classes (no oval track required)

  • 5 Judges  - highest and lowest scores will be dropped and middle three scores averaged

  • Division Championships

  • Whether you're looking to practice for future events or to compete in the USIHC National Ranking, the Virtual Spring Show is a great opportunity to receive feedback!

Important for Virtual Shows:
All classes (except the 3 Fun classes) must be ridden on at least a  200 m track (or its' equivalent).
Classes must be ridden as they are described.  Follow gait order when stated.
Videos should be started as the rider enters the track and end following the equipment and rider ID check. All classes should begin their programs in the middle of a short side (with a nod of the riders head). 

Please see documents on class descriptions and registration checklist.

Rider's Meeting:
All riders must check-in with Leslie Chambers, any time prior to registration.
Please email: or call/text 860-334-8259 for your meeting.

Registrations - Friday, May 13, 2022 9:00pm (EST)
Videos - Friday, May 20, 2022 9:00pm (EST)

For more information and to register: