Clinic with Ulla Hudson

Ulla Hudson Icelandic horse trainer and dressage professional trainer and rider will be at Gyetorp II August 1-2, 2020.

How about just a little dressage? If you want a healthy and happy horse you should give it a try. Dressage means training and with correct exercises you can strengthen and supple the horse while maintaining a calm and attentive riding partner. As a result, you will develop muscles, strengthen tummy and back, and increase the carrying power (hind legs) and improve the gaits. Learn and have a lot of fun with Ulla Hudson who has won many awards in dressage and has many years of training Icelandic horses. Individual and small group lessons each day. Clinic participant fee: $400, Audit $100. 

Contact Kristina Behringer, 307-757-7915 or the events page at for additional information.