Clinic with Luther Gudmundsson

Luther Gudmundsson, Icelandic horse competitor, trainer and creator of the Vals bit, will be at Gyetorp II May 9-10, 2020.

Luther Gudmundsson has been riding and working with Icelandic horses for 40 years. He has ridden Landsmót, Fjordungsmot, European Championship, Danish and Swedish Championship, Icelandic Championship and many other tournaments around Europe and Iceland. He is also the creator of, among other things, the Vals bits and many stangir. The clinic will focus on achieving balance and self-carriage & will include learning the advantages of training with different bits. Two individualized lessons per day with additional theory lecture. Clinic participant fee: $450, Audit $100. 

Contact Kristina Behringer at, 307-757-7915 or go the events page at for additional information.